Laura travel picThis year I decided to start my summer off right. After a long 8 months of classes, conferences, case competitions, extra-curriculars, studying, exams, and research papers, I figured it was time to treat myself to a little vacation – a six week Europe! So I guess not so little, hey? As most students were on the job hunt, worried about where they would get a job that would both "build the resume" and support them financially through the next year of school, I was lucky enough to be hunting for cheap flights and can’t miss locations. You might be starting to wonder how I was able to not worry about having no income as a student for such a big chunk of the summer. Well that is all thanks to this amazing company called Vector Marketing Canada.

I started working with Vector Marketing Canada just over a year ago on my last summer break from university. My job as a sales rep has pushed me to new limits, improved my communication skills beyond measure, and expanded my capacity to take on things that would have made me too uncomfortable to even try before. It has also provided me the flexibility to balance my life with other responsibilities and hobbies, while bringing in more financial support than I ever dreamed possible as a university student working for just 4 months of the year.

Because of the flexibility of the position I was able to take off for a month and a half at the beginning of the summer and not have to stress about having no job or income to come home to when I got back. I knew I could get back mid-June and work those extra appointments in order to make up for the missed income.

Vector Marketing Canada has also contributed hugely to the success I have had with school this past year. I am a business student at the University of Alberta, and a large part of my classes consist of presentations and public-speaking abilities. Showing Cutco, I am in front of strangers every single day giving a presentation and having to be quick on my feet handling any unique objections they decide to throw my way. I love to participate in case competitions (it’s nerd fun, I know) and because of the confidence and skills I’ve gained in this position I have noticed a huge difference in the way I present.

Laura Z. trophy winner at SSC2
Two years ago I would’ve been nervous to stand up in front of people and deliver a presentation I had been rehearsing for weeks. Now, I have done 3 hour case competitions and will confidently get up in front of corporate judges with essentially nothing prepared except for the ideas my team has come up with to talk about for ten minutes. The first week of my trip to Europe I actually was in Riga, Latvia for the finals of an international case competition, an experience I truly don’t believe I would’ve been a part of if I hadn’t gone through the personal growth I have been through with this company in just a year.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I absolutely love Vector Marketing Canada. This job is the best thing that I have ever chosen to do and I think every student will be better off for doing it at one point or another.