In just eight months, I have participated in nearly six complete Push Weeks. Each week came with its own set of unique challenges to overcome.

In the beginning of my Vector Marketing Canada career, I had never heard anything about a Push Week, only the 10-day Fast Start. So when I first heard I was participating in the Push Week for CNMC 2014, I was excited for this new experience. However, it wasn’t until I had attended RDC in Texas, did I truly understand the potential of a Push Week.

Push Week has taught me that there is always something amazing to look forward to with Vector. Whether it is another chance to stand on the podium to be recognized for the dedication and hard work completed over ten days to achieve a certain goal, or simply learning something new about myself. My experience so far with Vector this summer has taught me a lot, the most prize-winning lessons have been from Push Week periods.
Jacqueline PUSH week

I have learned the importance of planning, commitment, development and practice of healthy habits (including both dietary and sleep), mindset (remain optimistic), hard work and determination, and most importantly, goal setting. Traits that are not only applicable through the “push” but that can also be transferred to my educational studies, my ultimate dream career, and any other profession I choose to pursue along the way.

After our 2nd Summer Sales Conference, I understood the necessity to vocalize my goals in order to validate my commitment. A commitment I make to myself, which minimizes the power of results and maximizes the accomplishment of my personal growth throughout the journey. I have learned the ability to expand my personal expectations and revised what I have previously considered as a limitation. Whether I achieve my short-term goal during a push week or completion of a semester, or achieve my long-term goal to teach or change policies, I validate why I have these goals, taking the risks needed to pursue the journey, to overcome adversity and to succeed.

Push Week has taught me how to achieve my goals and dreams by first believing in myself.