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Who Has Succeeded?

The stories are as varied as our Alumni. Our people are diverse and fun and the experience that they gained from Vector was life changing.

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Mario Vetro - Partner at Skanderbeg Capital Advisors UBC grad-Political Science, with a minor in Philosophy
"What surprised me most about selling Cutco, was really how much of a serious business I ran. I am in the stock market today and I swear people spend more time deciding and researching what kind of knives they will buy vs what stock they buy. Back then, having customers, providing good customer service and making them happy, was great training for building a business. I grew a lot with Vector, my sales training started there.
Today I am in sales, I interact with people all day and promote our clients to potential investors. The ability to succinctly pitch someone an idea with confidence is HUGE and takes time to refine. That leads to confidence when taking on any task, a vital asset."
Jolinda - Police Officer Fanshawe College - Food & Beverage Management Westervelt College - Police Foundations
"There are not enough words to explain how much I grew from my experience with Vector. If it wasn't for Vector, I think I'd still be working as a server/bartender! Policing was always something I wanted to do, but something I never thought I would be successful at. Vector encouraged me to follow my dreams and with hard work, anything is possible. With the help of my Police Foundations program, Vector is the largest contributor to the
reason I was hired. My experience with Vector helped me build a bigger sense of capacity. To this day, I have Vector to thank for allowing me to balance all the things that are important to me. Many people still don't understand how I balance working full time, take overtime, maintain a very fit lifestyle, attend University part time, and do all the other things I love doing."
Diego Gramajo - Defense Attorney in Criminal Law Université de Montréal
"My experience at Vector made me realize that I was ready to take on law. It's pretty much sales, I realized that I was already a lawyer, but I didn't know the product yet. I didn't know the law and the procedure, but I knew I could sell an argument. In particular with pleading, it's really the ability to sell, the ability to wrap things up in a certain way that's convincing. I am still grateful that I was part of the Vector family.
When I left, it was time for me to leave, but I never doubted the quality of the experience, the quality of the company, I never seriously doubted anything. It is an incredible experience that everyone who takes it seriously, will be so grateful to go through it."
Dr. Nelson Amaral - Marketing professor at the Kogod School of Business at American University (Washington D.C.) Biology undergrad York University, MBA University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, PhD in Marketing (consumer behavior) University of Minnesota
"The nature of the work made the connection between reward and effort very clear. As a result, I became a more responsible and professional person during my time with Vector. I learned about the importance of making a good first impression and the value of hard work for both the extrinsic and intrinsic rewards that hard work brings."
Brittany Serafini - English Language Arts and Physical Education teacher University of Alberta - Bachelor of Education
"My career path was certainly influenced by Vector.  My experience working as a Sales Manager, interviewing and training new representatives-is what drove me to pursue a career in Education. I found it so rewarding when something would click for a new rep and they would get that first sale or dozens of recommendations. I enjoyed celebrating in their successes, watching their growth, and offering support and advice whenever necessary."
Stewart McIsack
"When I got started with Vector in college looking for a summer job I had no idea of the impact it would have on my life. Personally, I maintain many of the relationships I had because of my time with Vector, and professionally, it set me down the path I am still on today. Let me start with the personal sides of things! I still consider many of the managers, reps and support staff to be close friends of mine. Some I wish I was able to
stay in better contact with, but alas, we are all scattered around the country doing various things. To this day, many of you are mentors to me. Whether we talk occasionally, or I just remember the advice that was passed down to me in a memory of a day long ago, I still heed much of what was shared. To all of you, I want to say Thank You for the incredible 5 years I spent working with and alongside you. Professionally, I am still working
from home as an Independent Contractor and have had many contracts with large organizations in various capacities. It is quite possible that if I did not apply to Vector some 15 years ago, I would not have found this area of the employment world. I am so blessed because of this. I regularly get to see my kids off to school and pick them up. I very often get to play athletics during the day, because the courts and courses are empty. I don't
ask for vacation time, but take lots because I can work while out of town. There are just so many blessings to being a successful independent contractor and Vector laid a structural foundation that I continue to stand proud on to this day. Today, I still sell the odd product from time to time. To you this will come no surprise, but the product is secondary to the system that Vector has in teaching life skills. To some fresh new person
sitting in a training room, this will come as a major shock, and probably unbelievable, because the product is ridiculous. But given the right amount of time, we all come to learn that knives are one thing (and they are ridiculously good) but the friendships, life experiences and support is just worth so much more moving ahead on life's journey."