I Didn’t Think I’d Like Sales....I Guess I Was Wrong

I think for most people starting this new position as a sales representative is quite intimidating because sometimes sales can be thought of in a negative way. Before Vector Marketing Canada the things that would come to mind when someone said the word sales were things like telemarketers, door-to-door salespeople, and television informercials. I thought that being in sales would mean that I would have to exaggerate the quality of a product and be ‘pushy’ in order to convince someone they should own it.

Was I ever wrong.i-love-sales

Sales is about building a relationship with your customer and getting to truly understand their needs. When you are showing an extremely high quality product, your customer will be better off for owning it because it will save them time, money and energy in the long run. I came to learn that I was doing these people a service by giving them the opportunity to purchase Cutco. I love getting the chance to meet new people every single day and share a product with them that they get excited about.

I was naive to think I might not like sales, especially because it allows me to put my competitive nature to good use. I get to push my limits in order to be in control of my own income. Many people view sales as extremely risky because they fear you do not have a stable income, but I have discovered this is not necessarily the case. If you are a consistent worker you will always have a consistent income. In saying that, it is true that it is variable - some weeks you will make way more than you ever thought possible as a student, and I don’t know about you but I’m all for that type of risk.

My sales job has spoiled me by allowing me to have a very flexible schedule. I get to choose when I work out, when I hang out with friends and family, and when I go on vacation. I can’t imagine someone now telling me my schedule every week and having to live in the confines of those hours.

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I accepted a job as a sales representative. I leapt out of my comfort zone in full force and sales proved me wrong in all the right ways.