Fair. Exciting. Motivating. Competitive.

Security with a base; opportunity through incentives.

Our reps receive a guaranteed commission every time they show CUTCO to a qualified potential customer. So they get paid whether or not the customer purchases.

Our reps are not pushy, and we don't want them to be. The guaranteed commission takes away the pressure from a rep and makes sure they're not pressuring our potential customers.

But, you ask, "How can they pay reps when a sale is not made?" Great question. Since most people who see CUTCO choose to purchase at least one knife, we can create a safety net for all of our reps.

While our reps are guaranteed to make a base-rate each time they show CUTCO, they can earn more than what's guaranteed through incentives.

Sometimes, reps do very well right out of the gate. But, we are definitely not a "get-rich-quick" company.

Our recruiting managers go into further detail about the pay structure in an interview setting.