Since I have started working with Vector Marketing Canada I have had many accomplishments. One of the many opportunities Vector Marketing Canada has provided me with is the chance to travel. I have always loved travelling but I have not always had the time and finances to do so. Vector gave me the freedom to travel when I want and also, from a little hard work, the money to do so.

Jordan trip

I recently just got back from an amazing month long adventure to Laos and Thailand which without Vector Marketing Canada definitely would not have been possible. I was volunteering for the first two weeks in Laos at an Elephant Conservation Centre and was constantly surrounded by these big, beautiful creatures. It was absolutely amazing to say the least. Along with rebuilding infrastructure and helping with new projects at the conservation center, I was fortunate enough to also be able to volunteer at the local school in a village close by teaching the kids English. Not just teaching though, I also got to help revamp the whole school there, which really needed some touch ups. It was extremely run down.

Not only did I volunteer, I also got to partake in many different activities- hot air ballooning, kayaking, tubing, cave touring, hiking, bike riding, city tours, got to see some stunning Buddhist temples and much, much more! An absolutely unreal adventure that was all possible because of Vector.

I been able to travel on my own since starting with Vector, I have also had an opportunity to travel to Mexico with the company. Vector Marketing Canada has helped me achieve many dreams and obviously travelling is something that is really important to me and something I love to do.

Jordan on elephant

I am extremely lucky that I get to work with such an amazing company who not only helps, but wants you to achieve your goals and live your dreams. My time with Vector so far has been amazing and I absolutely can not wait to see what the next year has in store for me!

What's on your dream list? Comment below!