It’s hard to believe that I have been working with Vector Marketing Canada for just over 5 years now. There are so many reasons that I have stayed with the company, and made it more than a one-time summer job. Overall the most important reason is because this job and company has been such a great fit for me and works perfectly around my lifestyle! Kelsey Performance

First is the flexibility. It is ideal. A lot of jobs say in the interview that they will be accommodating to your schedule and once you start working the story changes. Other jobs may book you on days that you have asked to have off and to not be scheduled. In my past, I have been very frustrated with employers with this situation. As a music student and singer, I often have last minute gigs/ chances to perform and even musical shows where I know the dates months in advance. With Vector Marketing Canada, I never had to worry about missing out on an opportunity because of my job. Since I make my own hours I decide where to dedicate my time.

Second is the Support System. Because of how much I have learned and how appealing my resume is, with of all the experience I now have, I have been offered other jobs while working at Vector Marketing Canada. However, I have turned them all down because of one thing. It is the people and support system here. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! Every one of my managers, mentors, co-workers, and home office employees are fantastic people! They help solve problems, motivate me, and all genuinely care about my personal life and my goals. I have never worked in a place before where the highest people in the company know your name, ask how you are doing and even send you birthday cards. Vector Marketing Canada isn’t just about the company and selling knives, it truly is about the person. I receive more support towards my musical craft with Vector than from school where I am surrounded everyday by musicians who understand exactly what I want to do with my life.

I greatly appreciate my position here with Vector and send many thanks and gratitude towards the people I work with and the company. I would not be the same person I am today if I wasn’t given the opportunity to work with Vector. I have gained many valuable life skills, built my resume and have learned more than I could possibly imagine.