Just a year ago, I would have shivered at the word “sales”. The idea of “ selling” seemed so scary to me & I was comfortable working my shift work in a restaurant just taking orders. Even when I was growing up, I was always the shy child in school who never raised her hand in class & was afraid to ask for absolutely anything, this also carried throughout high school. Because of this, I never thought I was cut out for business or marketing courses & never considered taking anything of the sort in university.  

This summer transformed my mindset completely.  

I started with Vector Marketing Canada in June. After seeing a high school friend of mine, Catherine Griffin, sharing on social media about a scholarship contest & winning #1 trophies with a mysterious company I thought it was too good to be true. The minute I saw that it was a sales contest, I wrote it off in my mind, thinking this was something I was not cut out for. Then one day I got a call from this intriguing company & agreed to go for the interview, even though I had a full time job. I had no idea there was even an office in my small Northern Ontario city!  

The funny part is, I’ve always had a thing for knives but I hate to cook! Everything about working with Vector Marketing seemed against who I thought I was. However, my first day on the job I shocked myself by selling on all three of my demonstrations totalling over $2,000 in sales. After my first week with Vector I locked in at #12 in all of Canada. At my first summer conference, SSC2, I received the #2 trophy & my friend Catherine was #3 in Eastern Canada. I couldn’t believe that I had achieved my goal of selling $10,000 in two weeks while working full time at my other job. It took a lot of hard work & perseverance, but I felt that anything was possible!   its_about_selling

Sales has surprised me in every way possible. There’s a thrill in meeting new people everyday & developing the communication skills that allow me to build relationships throughout my demonstrations despite whether or not they buy. One important thing I’ve learned is it’s not about selling a product, but rather the solution to a problem. As a nursing student, helping people is my passion & Vector allows me to live this out. Vector pushes me to conquer my fears & grow into the person I’ve always dreamed of being. I’ve gained endless confidence, communication skills, time management, self-motivation & most important of all, I’ve learned to dream bigger than ever before. All of these skills are applicable to developing myself as a nurse; I am so excited to go back to nursing school and implement all I’ve learned with Vector!  

Bottom line is you don’t know unless you try. All you need is the courage to try & you may just surprise yourself like I did. I’m so thankful I took the leap of faith with Vector Marketing.