The Realization of Opportunity  

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Something that's troubled me for some time.
But has been brought to light.
I used to see Vector as something that is difficult and draining, that leaves me exhausted at the end of the day and sometimes leaving me feeling like a failure. But in my sociology class It has come to my attention that many citizens of Canada sit below the poverty line, without opportunity to grow. This means they have yet to be given a chance to develop their personality, their communication skills, their entrepreneurial skills that most individuals who live in an world of opportunity take for granted.
We live in a world where the international poverty line is $1 per day. Last summer, in 4 months, I made $20,000. That may not sound like a lot, but some individuals spend their lives working at minimum wage, $11.20 per hour working 40 hours a week while raising a family. Annually, that works out to $22,400 with 2 weeks unpaid vacation. Vector Marketing is insane, working my butt off for 4 months with no obligations but this job and managing a healthy personal life leaves me to feel pride, to feel thankful for those around me and those who have grown me to persevere. These are skills that I will have for the rest of my life that some may never have because they haven't been asked or given this opportunity.
All of these are skills that will set me up to built wealth for the future. To allow me to work for 4 months and travel for 8. To allow me to network and bring context to meeting industry professionals, with the topic of discussion being "my knives are sweet, you should check them out." I truly am able to Learn, Grow and Dream, which has been told to me every single day since I started at Vector and I now understand it.
If obligation was looked at as opportunity, we'd all be successful.
Riley Grieveson