What Vector Marketing Canada Has Done For Me.

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Give it All

I have gained a lot through my experience of working with Vector Marketing Canada. Before I started working with Vector Canada, I was a far less motivated individual. Though I was on the path to improving, the last time that I had gone to post-secondary school I finished with a GPA of 0.92. After my first summer working with Vector Canada I went back to post-secondary and finished my first semester with a 3.52 GPA qualifying me for the Dean’s list.

As an athlete, one of my life goals has always been to complete in an Iron Man, but I never went ahead and signed up for one. During my first summer with Vector Canada my Division Manager Angie Macdougall signed up for one and I decided that it was a good time for me to sign up as well.

I’m now about 50 days away from competing in my first Iron Man which never would have happened if I had not started this job.

This time last year I was spending my time working at KFC and exactly one year later I’m managing my own office, advertising for work around the city, interviewing and training people, and overall just having a good time.

I’m glad that my friend recommended me for this job, as it has changed me in so many ways.