The Growing Has Just Begun!

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I began my Vector Marketing Canada career in May of 2012. I had just finished my second year of University and I needed to find a summer job. At first it seemed like any other job, just something to pay my bills and save up some extra spending money.

The thing that appealed most about Vector Canada was the flexibility. I was looking for a flexible job so I could devote a lot of my time to writing and finish my first novel. Once I started working, however, I began to see a wider range of possibilities than I had ever imagined.

In addition to flexibility, I came to realize that for the first time in my life I was a part of something bigger than myself. The positive, team oriented atmosphere gave me a support system and everything I did made a positive impact on the team.

Halfway through the summer I could hardly believe that I was selling knives. It was so out of my character for me but it was a natural fit and it had a positive effect on me. A year ago, selling knives would have been the last thing I would have expected myself doing, but nonetheless I found myself drawn to it.

In September I took yet another step further out of my comfort zone by going into management training. I found myself running weekly interviews and learning all about the inner workings of the office.

Throughout a few short months I saw my confidence skyrocket and my shyness all but disappear. My presentation, organization and time management skills all increased as well.

Thanks to Vector Marketing Canada, when I look in a mirror I no longer recognize the person I once was. I have grown further beyond my capacity than I ever thought possible, and the growing has only just begun.