A Great Place to Work

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Seventeen years ago, fresh out of college and with a little boy to support, I found an ad in the paper (in the newspaper…yep, it was a long time ago!) for an administrative position at a company called Vector Marketing. I had never heard of the company or Cutco knives before, and little did I know this was not just a new job I was starting, but my first step in a long journey. Vector is where I met my husband, and Vector is the place I returned to after two more maternity leaves. It’s where I’ve worked, thrived and grown while starting and raising a family.

My career and the opportunities I’ve been offered are fueled by the amazing people I work for and the incredible people who sell Cutco. Although I’ve never sold a single Cutco knife or run my own sales office, I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with the entrepreneurial spirits who do. The relationships I’ve formed with the individuals in our sales field and my daily interactions with these people have only encouraged my on-going evolution! I’m so lucky to be able to travel to and attend numerous sales conferences every year, to ‘rub elbows’ with the experienced Vector Canada leaders and listen to their sage advice and inspirational messages. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this job is my contact with the brand new sales reps and leaders, whose enthusiasm and excitement is always refreshing and invigorating!

My longstanding employment with Vector Marketing Canada is an anomaly in a time where career satisfaction is low, jobs are switched frequently and full time positions are scarce. Not only can I say I have a good job; I can say I work for an incredible company which produces an equally incredible product. MORE importantly - I am proud to say I work for a company where I’ve met and worked with the most marvelous, spectacular and inspiring people on the planet!