Vector Marketing Canada is a special place. Companies often spend a great deal of time and money crafting their mission. Recently, we've brought much more clarity to what we already knew, and just pulled it together into a simple, concise, statement.

Vector Marketing Canada's mission is to be the arena where everyone can Learn, Grow and Dream.

This past Saturday night, we came off a truly special night recognizing our champions from 2014. Actually the second Saturday night in a row, as we recognized our Eastern Canada champions the week prior. Sitting in that ballroom a few nights ago with our Western Canada team, I was reminded again how special our company is.

*I saw a mom looking at her son with such pride as he was promoted to District Manager at just 18 years old.

*I saw one of our perennial champions beam with joy as one of her team members had her best year ever and was awarded a Rolex for her accomplishments.

*I saw a college student who set the new sales record for Canada, surpassing what most thought was even possible, come to the stage with such great joy as he shared the moment with his young son.

*I saw a vibrant, talented grandmother of 13 be recognized for achieving Academy of Champions for her 18th year!
YEB awards

There was some impressive hardware given out tonight, stunning silver cups, fancy trophies and plaques, swords, crystal wine glasses, scrapbooks…but what was so special to witness, was our National Sales Manager share in detail what he loves about each of our top performers, and the people they are outside of the business as well. I'm so fortunate to work with such talented people who all share similar qualities, they use Vector as a vehicle to learn about themselves, to grow and to dream.

Its hard to describe culture, but it's commonplace for our management team, and sales representatives, many who are students or recent grads, to be committed to reading 40 books this year, or running marathons, or coordinating charity events or saving for homes and travel trips.

It's a special environment. At Vector Marketing Canada, we've always said, it's not about the knives, it's about the lives, and that couldn't be more true.