If you look hard enough, you will always find a silver lining in whatever you do. I remember writing a creative story six years ago for a grade nine exam about this phenomenon, which revolved around how a bunch of made up gangsters found peace with each other through a series of coincidental events. Obviously, back then, I struggled to find a true personal silver lining in my life, but I have grown to discover and appreciate those glimmering patches of light when they come.

Fast forward to today and here I am working at Vector Marketing Canada; however, this was not the initial plan. My original goal was to be enjoying the beaches in Sydney, Australia at this particular moment, preparing my body for a six month study abroad trip at Macquarie University. Everything was going according to plan up until the first week of April; that was when my mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer for the third time, with two separate tumours stemming from her breast and hip decreasing her mobility every day.

All of my planning and extra efforts of getting my study abroad documents finished by a plethora of deadlines have gone out the window - there was no way I could leave, especially when I was the only other person home. I wanted to become more independent, meet new people, adapt to new environments, and witness unimaginable sights. Alas, I was stuck at home with no jobs lined up since I made the mistake of placing all my eggs into one basket when I was accepted into Macquarie's communication program.

Every day I had to worry about what she was going to eat, how sad she would be lying in bed all day having to crawl to get to the washroom, whether or not she was getting better or worse, alongside two projects, three final term papers, and four final exams. Knowing I could not just give up, I persevered to the end of April and managed to not only prepare my mother food and Netflix options each day, but also finish the semester with a 4.0 grade point average. I also needed to be productive over the summer and continue building my resume so I went out and applied to a variety of jobs. To my fortune, Vector Marketing was still hiring in early May, which I felt was an opportunity to completely turn my life around.


Ever since I began on May 16, I acquired a skill set similar to the experience I wanted to gain out of studying abroad. Scheduling appointments and phone jams every day, I have become independent as I push myself to finish the tasks I have allotted for each day. I have met a diverse team at the 'Burquitlam' branch who motivate me to seize each day and give my all at each appointment, regardless of the customer type or being 5 to 100 kilometers away from home. I have also seen tangible progress in my mother's condition as her tumour marker has gone down recently. With my personal sales, I am a few hundred away from my $10,000 mark, and was the #3 Sales Rep in the Pacific Coast at SSC1 - closing in behind two CSPs.

While I have only been at Vector Marketing for a short time, I believe I have found my silver lining this summer season. Even in the worst of times when the weight of the world seems to be on your shoulders, you just need to keep your chin up and look for the silver lining. That radiant light may be hard to find at times, but it will always be shining to inspire you to get up and there to guide you through tough times on your journey.