As each year comes to a close, everyone starts to think of resolutions. Everyone writes a list or makes a wishy-washy commitment to make a change in the upcoming year. It’s a yearly activity that many participate in; yet statistics prove that resolutions are usually dropped within the first two months, as people fall back into their normal routine, their comfort zone, and the mediocrity of life. We're moving into the 2nd quarter of the year, how many have kept up with their resolutions?

I myself have totally fallen into that category in the past and can honestly admit that it has changed, slightly. I tend to continue to take on too much all at once and at times I feel as though I am giving up but when I reflect back, I can see my accomplishments.

What’s the relevance and do I have a point?

Heck ya!

I want to share some of the things that Vector Marketing Canada has taught me in such a short time and how it ties into my accomplishments and dreams for 2015.

First, I no longer think in terms of resolution unless we are talking about finding a resolution for a problem. Otherwise, let’s solve the problem before it comes up! Deal?

My point is that I no longer sit and dwell on New Year's resolutions. Instead I reflect daily on my achievements, I give thanks for all of my blessings, and all of the challenges I faced throughout the day, month, and the year. Those challenges are what helped me be where I am today.

As the clock ticked 2014 to a close, I reflected on all I accomplished and just how far I had come in one year. After a year of hurt and loss, 2014 was a year filled with positive reinforcement, life, and prosperity.

One may say my position here at Vector Marketing Canada is just a job, but it is not. It is about building relationships, overcoming adversity, chasing and achieving dreams, and much, much more. Most importantly this job has taught me self-confidence, to believe in myself, to look in the mirror and affirm that it will be a grand day filled with laughter and smiles.

I have accomplished what I thought was lost forever. The ability to believe in myself, to follow my heart, to achieve my dreams.

Throughout 2015, my one dream is to find love again. The passion that makes me shine. Whether that be in the kitchen creating magically vibrant dishes, helping a child learn something new daily, be a god-mommy, run a marathon, or lead a nation (maybe a club); I know that I will live that dream through the various adventures and discoveries that I will experience this year, in 2015.

I know I am tired of trying to be “perfect”; I’m ready to show the world me and be happy discovering the passions that make me who I am. I'm going to embrace this thought, “Give up being Perfect for being Authentic. Be who I am. Love who I am and Others will too.” Hal Elrod.

Decide your dream. Surround yourself with what makes you smile. Cut loose what drags you down. You deserve to shine. Just like me.