At Vector Marketing Canada we're very proud of our low-key approach. Our representatives are guaranteed a base pay for every presentation they do, regardless if they make a sale or not. We can afford to do this, because it creates a more enjoyable environment for everyone, so more often than not a sale is made. The client feels relaxed and isn't put off by a pushy salesperson, and the sales rep feels at ease just having fun and demonstrating our great product. When yur why has heart your how gets legs  

However a few times a year, we have a "PUSH week" and those looking in from the outside, may hear that term and wonder if this is alluding to a more aggressive sales style. Nope, not at all. Rather its a time for our reps and managers to push themselves towards a goal, hopefully taking them past those boundaries or limitations they've put on themselves, to see what's really possible.  

When I think of PUSH weeks, I think an acronym like this pretty much sums it up:  

P-ersevere. Certainly there are times when things don't go our way, and it's a lot easier to say, well maybe this wasn't meant to be. It takes a lot more courage, to stay the course, battle challenges that come your way, and keep going after your goal.  

U-nderstand the averages. I tell people all of the time, the numbers work out, they just do. The problem is that some people quit or give up before they have a chance to play out. In a typical PUSH week, you'll have some average days, some extraordinary days and some tough or challenging days. The thing is, you don't know what order they'll come. If you go into the PUSH week understanding that, then if you have a day when your first appointment is a no show because they forgot they made the appointment and you get a flat tire on the way to your next one, you don't let it worry you so much. Because it means you've got a day coming up when the client buys 2 of our largest sets, one for their home and one for the cottage.  

S-tep out of your comfort zone. Unless you make an effort, it's natural to do what's comfortable. However, we grow the most when we step outside of our comfort zone, so this is the perfect time to do that thing that scares you. After all, it isn't just about accomplishing the goal, it's about who you become in the process.  

H-arness your energy and focus on your "WHY". Simon Sinek wrote a great book called, Start with Why, and in it he talks about how much more powerful why is rather than what. Don't get wrapped up in what you're doing, that doesn't give you nearly as much energy as why you're doing it. As my friend and Front Row Foundation founder, Jon Vroman, says "When your WHY has heart, your HOW gets legs!"