A new year is synonymous with New Year's resolutions, all those things in our lives that we want to improve upon or change.

I'm passionate about growth and believe strongly in setting new goals. However, I think too often, we reflect back way too easily on what didn't happen, where we fell short, or what went wrong. The critiques come with little effort, however how often do we take account of all that went right?

While analyzing defeats and shortcomings does have value, so does examining our wins. Too often, we can easily rhyme off all the things we did wrong, but we neglect to reflect on the successes we had.

If we're to grow, it is just as important to remember what we did to bring us that success. What worked, what do we need to duplicate?


For example, maybe you didn't achieve every fitness goal you had last year. However, on the days you got up before dawn and got in that walk or jog, what were the habits or activities that caused it to happen? After reflecting, perhaps it was the evenings that you got to bed by 10pm and had your workout clothes laid out beside your bed, that were the mornings you got your run in. Those action steps are important to remember. And maybe we can design a way this year to repeat more of those good habits.

Perhaps one of your goals for last year was to show up on time, and not be late for class or be known as the friend who always keeps the group waiting. It's easy to reflect back on the 2 instances you messed up and arrived late. However, for the most part you succeeded because you had a mental shift. You have come to realize that being late is showing the other person you don't value them or their time, and you realize you can't grow into the person that you want to become without being someone others respect. You realized that along with this shift in perspective you need to be more realistic in the amount of time things take, and having a checklist every day ensures you don't forget about something- which was often why you were running late. Without this reflection, it can be easy to stray away from the practice of doing a daily checklist, but understanding that was a key to your success, it will be a pattern that you can take with you into this year too.

In business all too often, companies, salespeople and leaders can take a step backwards because they aren't intentional and forget to do all the things that worked. "It worked so well, I stopped doing it." So, as we enter the 3rd week of the new year, let's invest some time in reflecting upon all that brought us the success we did have last year, so we can move forwards, rather than backwards this coming year.