Here Come the Holidays!

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Are you looking to give Cutco as a gift this year for the holidays to that someone special? We thought we could help you out, and have listed the top 10 items that are purchased the most around this time. But don’t stop at just these items – we have many more great things on our website: so make sure you check them out!

Top 10 CUTCO Items for Christmas (in no particular order):

  1. Trimmer- Known as the “where have you been all my life” knife, this baby will play a major role in your kitchen around the holiday season!
  2. Spatula Spreader- If you’re looking for a multi-tasker this is it! Mix, spread, slice and serve up your favourite winter dishes using this flexible spreader. This is the only utensil you need at sandwich time!
  3. Cheese Knife- The holidays are meant for cheese platters and dishes! This knife is one smooth operator! It prevents cheese from actually sticking to the knife so your guests will get a clean cut ... every time!
  4. Table Knives- One of our bestselling knives. Set your holiday table with them, and once you do use them for your Christmas meal you’ll know exactly why they are one of our bestsellers.
  5. Carving Set- Don’t let grandpa or dad use a dull carving set to cut that delicious turkey that everyone has been waiting for! Use our amazing carving set for all your Christmas meal needs.
  6. Super Shears- Whether you are wrapping gifts or cutting one open, these super durable shears can handle it all! With a comfortable handle and an extremely strong blade, it will stand up to any present packaging!
  7. Santoku Knife- We have a petite and a 7” santoku knife that can be used for many different things! Razor sharp blades and an ergonomic handle make any meal prep a cinch!
  8. Fisherman Solution- Maybe the outdoors person in your family has this already on their list? This knife means business and it's ready for anything. It’s definitely a catch!
  9. Can Opener- One of our newest products that will be a hit around the holidays! Be the first in your family to show off this beauty! Lifetime guarantee to boot!
  10. Slicer- Our customers say this is “one serious knife” and we agree with them! Don’t be afraid to get down to business with it. It’s ready for any job!