The Importance of loving your job!

Vector Marketing CanadaWow. Life is funny, you go from one moment in your life doing one thing, to making a turn and doing another. Well, I’m sure glad that I found Vector Marketing Canada. Don’t get me wrong. I did love working in the service industry, and I met a ton of great people, but nothing can compare to all the wonderful people I’ve met with Vector Marketing Canada. Between clients, team members & others I have met throughout the organization, my communication skills have skyrocketed.

I always enjoyed what I was doing, but it wasn’t until Vector Marketing Canada that I truly began LOVING what I was doing and having passion for what I do. I did not even realize it until I was sitting with a complete stranger and they looked at me and said, “you have more passion about what you do than I ever could imagine from someone your age.” Then it hits you. This is the difference between liking and getting by with your job and actually loving it.

Everyone has to work, and it can be hard getting up for work every day, or heading in after a long day at high school or university. I used to be there, then I found what I love to do. Life all of a sudden got easier, and I was happier. When you enjoy learning, work, whatever it may be, no longer feels like a chore. Now, how lucky am I to have found Vector Marketing Canada? Well, I’d consider myself pretty darn lucky. Maybe I am biased, but I found friends, an income opportunity and learning all in one place. I don’t know how much better that can get!

Vector Marketing Canada

Everyone needs to acquire experience for a future career, and for some young adults, it is hard to find that without brutal hours of longing to be off the clock. I know how it is, I have been there. The cool part is, I now want to go to work, hang out at conferences and go to team meetings to learn with friends and celebrate our success. Time goes by fast.  In 4 months, I have changed from being unsure of what I wanted to do, to where I am now wondering how I could ever want to do something else.

I have come a long way with my success with Vector Marketing Canada. And when people ask me what I do? I get to say, I sell knives. But, I get to say that with passion. Loving the product, the company, my team and the people I get to meet while doing my job. I’m proud to work with a company that does so much, gives back, and helps students connect the dots to their future.  I am a firm believer, since my Vector Marketing Canada experience, that life is short- so enjoy it. I can promise you that when you find something you love, and have a passion for, life will fall into place. Happiness, success, wealth, travel; whatever you may seek, I bet you will have a better time finding it when you start to love what you do.