Ever had a dream? Have you ever thought about something really big that you want to pursue? Some people may laugh at some of the dreams you have. You don’t have to worry though. If your dreams seem crazy to some, then you are dreaming BIG. Your dreams should be so big and crazy that they excite you. They excite you so much that you cannot wait to go out there and get started.

Dreams help you to think bigger. You start to see the bigger picture. Imagine that feeling of pursuing those crazy dreams that you have. Imagine that feeling of living out your dreams. It can be something as simple as a round trip vacation or as daring as going skydiving. Now imagine what it feels like to accomplish that dream. It can be one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

Do You Have a Dream

Some of my dreams that I am really excited about range from the simplest ones to the craziest ones. These dreams include a trip to Europe, rescuing dogs and cats, owning every collection of The Simpsons, owning every collection of Family Guy, traveling to every continent in the world and meeting my favourite celebrities in person. My crazier dreams include building a secret music room, going bungee jumping, building my own frappuccino machine at work, owning a blimp that has my name on it, owning a huge walk in closet and many more.

Don’t be discouraged if your dreams may not seem like a reality at first. That is the first step to pursuing your dreams. All you need to do is work hard and never take your eyes off your dreams. There is a story of a young boy who told his teacher that he wanted to build a skate park in his office one day. The teacher laughed at him. Many years later, this boy built a half pipe at his workplace. He could skateboard whenever he wanted to at work. This boy never took his eyes off the end goal and didn’t let the teacher’s disbelief get to him.

We all have plans of what we wish to achieve in our lives. No matter what happens, our dreams are always a possibility. Don’t be afraid if someone laughs at it or calls it crazy. This means you are on the right track. Be inspired to think outside the box and do something you thought was impossible. Have a companion who can help you stay accountable and support your dreams. In 10, 20 or 30 years, you will feel proud that you decided to pursue your dreams. Through all the challenges and obstacles, it will feel so good. I know it will feel awesome to have my own frappuccino machine. What are some of your biggest dreams? How about the craziest ones?