As the rush from Vector's SSC2 settles a bit, I'm able to reflect on all that happened. I was part of the $10K Alliance, and although I didn't reach the goal of selling $10K, I did learn a lot about myself and how I handle things.

First off, perseverance- calling my Branch Manager every day, getting on all the Alliance calls, and then just making my phone time. I've never really liked calling people; picking up the phone for that first call of the day seemed like the heaviest thing in the world. But being in the Push I forced myself to do it, and I'm thankful I did. Not only was I finally able to attack my chicken list, but I was able to reconnect with some old acquaintances, meet new people and get some great leads that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten.

I also learnt or rather was reminded that I really enjoy being a team player. Don't get me wrong it's great to get recognized and have the spotlight on me, but if I can help someone else achieve that, it makes me just as happy. For awhile I thought that Hamilton and West Island were just too far ahead of our team, and it seemed a little bleak, but instead of giving up on my goal, I tried to readjust. If we weren't going to win top office, maybe we could win the field training award. So I did a bunch of field training demos with my teammate, Ashley Pollari, to get her in that contest too.

I think the last thing I learned was the most important thing for me. This past Push week showed me that I can do it. I can do 40 demos in 2 weeks if I put in the effort. My family was able to adapt around me, and now I know that doing even just 15 demos a week is possible, and within my reach. I have grown so much from this Push and I'm really glad that I was able to participate in it. All of my other goals seem so small now. If I was able to do 20 calls every day before 9am, and 20 at night; why can't I continue that, why can't I do 15 demos every week? All of the previous limitations that I thought I had are now gone, because I've already done it.

You can get all the motivation in the world from other people, but when you've done it for yourself… nothing can compare. August is money month, and to be honest ladies and gentlemen, I feel ready to rock it!