Last week I was driving home from a day in Durham Region and it started to rain…hard. I was on the highway, it was already dark and it began raining harder and harder; however my wipers kept leaving almost a film across my windshield. I was struggling to see because the teeming rain was reflecting off all of the car lights and I was squinting to see. My shoulders were tight, I was leaning into the windshield, gripping the steering wheel tighter, peering out onto the road, but I couldn't see the lanes on the road. My only option was to focus on the truck immediately in front of me, following its lights. My vision was impaired. vision

When you think about all of the parts of a car, you could easily dismiss the importance of wipers…I mean wouldn't the brakes, or your engine, or the transmission be more important than "windshield wipers"? Those are all critical to the operation of your car, however I quickly learned that evening how important functioning wipers were.

I couldn't see very far ahead of me, I had no idea where I was, I could only see and follow the lights directly in front of me. It was a stressful drive home. What can cause stress? I find its not knowing where you're going. If you think about successful teams in business, they have a clear vision. They know the big picture, and they are always looking a few steps ahead.

Do you have something impairing your vision? Maybe it's not an obvious obstacle, maybe its something seemingly insignificant like windshield wipers, but its making it difficult for you to see your vision clearly. If that's the case, don't let it continue, make a change, eliminate the distraction.

A clear vision is powerful!