Be Transformed - BE YOURSELF

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Sarale Fellig has sold over $250,000 of CUTCO® Cutlery and in her first full year as a sales rep, won the Silver Cup, which means that she was the top sales rep in the nation for her category.

We caught up with Sarale and she shared with us some thoughts about her Vector Experience.


“A big struggle for teenagers is that they don’t feel understood. They don’t feel like they matter, and they don’t feel like what they’re doing is important. They don’t feel like people really care about them. They feel insignificant.

I had no idea who I wanted to be, where I wanted to go, where I saw myself in a few years. I was really frustrated because I felt like I had potential but I had no outlet. There was always that feeling of, ‘Well, what if I’m not as capable as I always thought I was?’ or ‘What if I’m not as able as I thought I was?’

That was me in high school.

Working at Vector Marketing has transformed the way I think about myself. Vector has been a great fit for me because it’s given me the ability to find something that gives me confidence that’s real and substantial.

That’s the Vector Opportunity; it’s about taking what you want to become and giving you the tools to get there. I thank God in the morning that I found this company because without it I would have been potential just trapped in a body. They’ve allowed me to let it out.

This has literally been the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”