Michelle Wein

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What I appreciate most about the Vector opportunity was the ability at a young age to gain real life business experience. By the age of 21, I had been trained to sell, develop people, and manage and run my own business. I continued to hone these skills for 8 years within the company in various roles. The most valuable skills I gained within Vector are the interpersonal skills. When I entered the teaching field five years ago, I was able to secure myself a full-time contract immediately! I attribute this to my ability to sell and market myself with confidence and my ability to network with other people building meaningful relationships each step of the way; all skills gained within Vector. Today I enjoy a career as a high school teacher, utilizing my personal business experience in the courses and programs that I teach. In addition, Vector lit an entrepreneurial spark in me that allows me to continue to challenge myself in sales and business management with other reputable direct sales companies.